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                ABOUT US

                ABOUT US

                We are a leather machine manufacturing plant integrated with study , design ,manufacturing and service.Throughout many years, we’ve gained remarkable record ,becoming the international famous brand of leather machiner.We share ove 90% market of leather measuring machine in China and export to the whol world.Fengmi leather spraying machine series products after years of research and development, leather slurry saving effect is very obvious, receive more and more trust of tannery and leather factory. Now, Fengmi electric has three plants, one research and developm...

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                CONTACT US

                Contact: Tingting Lu International Line:+86 13915075937

                Phone: 13912315697

                Tel: 0519-86969973

                Email: 329881141@qq.com

                Add: 118-68 Xinchang Road, Xinzha Town, Changzhou , Jiangsu, China.

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